For over 10 years, I’ve tended a small street-side tree garden in front of my home in Boston’s Back Bay. Usually these areas are called a tree pit but that sounds rather ugly.  A tree garden seems much more friendly.  My patch is just 6′ wide by 4′ long with a maple tree in the middle.  I’ve tried many different plantings in the space, to varying degrees of success.

I love to garden this space.  It really makes a difference in the neighborhood.  And it gives me great pleasure to plant and nurture and watch flowers grow amid the concrete.  People stop and ask me about the flowers, how they do in sun and shade, and about the health of the tree.  I usually have some good advice to give or know where they can get the answers they need.

Tree gardens, window boxes, planted containers on stoops and tended front yards show others that someone cares about their home and their neighborhood. Gardening offers great personal satisfaction and an immediate lift to the people who live in and stroll around our neighborhood.

White pansies fill square, wrought iron fenced tree pit


4 responses to “Bio

  1. Janine, It’s Laura “Your cousin Johns girlfriend. I had a wonderful time meeting you and Your family at Dave’s Birthday dinner. I wanted to check out this site you have created for the Public to share in your passion. It’s awesome! Wishing you Much success and Happy Planting.

  2. Hey Janine… Love your site… Flowers really do cheer you up…. I can recommend drumstick allium for height… Green stalks with round purple balls on top.. This is a perennial.. I have some bulbs in you’re interested…

  3. Alex Rogers Pittman

    Wow, Janine, I love your site! I’d love to see ideas for gardens featuring plants that are both edible and beautiful. See you in church!

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