Garden Photos

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I tend a small, raised bed flower garden.  It surrounds a maple tree on a sidewalk in Boston’s Back Bay.
It’s not an ideal gardening situation but the space gets great light and has been a joy to plant every year and see what grows.

Planting around a tree does take special care.
– Plant perennials that won’t interfere with the tree roots
Never mound soil like a volcano around the tree trunk.  That could suffocate the tree…

The best growers in my garden space are: pansies, petunias, salvia, (all currently in my garden), all types of ivy, dahlias, daisies, marigolds, mums and mandevillas.  Those mandevillas were definitely the most show-stopping plants I ever grew.   Among the disappointments, clematis (too fragile), geraniums (a complete disaster).


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  1. I just found your website today. Looks great to me. I’m looking forward to more information.

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