Hello again – Good city gardening advice is on the way!

Okay, I’ve been away from my blog post for several weeks – blame the holidays and family commitments – but I’m back and I  have not been idle! 
In early December I had the good fortune to interview Tom Smarr, the chief of horticulture for the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway in Boston.  He’s a smart and talented guy who really knows how to plant, tend and grow all types of flowers and shrubs and trees and more.  I was totally impressed.   Later this week, you’ll get to read more about him on this blog.  He shares some gardening wisdom and  great flower recommendations based on the sun level – full, partial or barely any.  That is soooo helpful when planting!   And he knew all the latin names of the plants.  During the interview, I just smile politely when he spoke these names and then went running for my gardening books… 
Speaking of gardening books, Tom recommended two books for novice/intermediate gardeners  like me… They are:
The Well-Tended Perennial Garden” by Tracy DiSabato-Aust ($34.95)
Small Garden by John Brookes ($22.95)
Just bought them both at Barnes and Noble.  They look great.  Lots of pictures!   I’ll let you know if I use them or if they collect dust on the shelf….  More to come!!


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