Rx for My Tree Pit Garden

Yellow and purple blotch pansies, purple salvia, hellebore, ivy and African daisies surrounding a treeIt took just 6 weeks for my tree pit garden to show significant wear and tear. 
• The ivy planted in the front corners had shriveled to brown due to dog urine…
• The upright pavers on the left edge of the garden were flat against the concrete.  Car owners would get out of their cars thinking the pavers were stable and alas, they were not… 
• And the beautiful hellebore had grown tall and wild with all the rain and the stems had bent under its own weight.  There are no pictures.  It was a bit gruesome.

New England Garden Ornaments SignSo I’m in Sudbury today visited with a bright and talented lady with a great name – Gray Baldwin – who owns New England Garden Ornaments.  I interviewed her and you’ll see a feature on her and her fabulous containers and pots in June. http://www.negardenornaments.com/  But I digress. 

So I pass Russell Garden Centers and had to stop in.  I had heard great things about this Garden Center from several horticulturalists and figured I should get some new plants and get busy fixing my garden.Russell's Garden Center Red Wagon with Flowers in it

WOW!  That’s the best word to describe Russell’s.  Full of flowers and very helpful and knowledgeable people.  I purchased Amsonia Blue Star and Silver Mound to replace the hellebore and a Proven Winner Colorblaze Dipt in Wine Coleus to replace the ivy. 
Amsonia Blue Star, Silver Mound and Coleus Added to Tree Pit Garden
Ta da!!!   I recemented the pavers into an upright position and called it a day.  It was a gorgeous day to plant and the garden looks full and lush and lovely again….


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