Looking Ahead – 2012 Flower Calendar

Hello All:  Janine Moore 2012 Calendar Cover with Summer Bouquet  of FlowersI know it’s early October but now is a good time to consider purchasing a beautiful 2012 calendar full of flower images for yourself, a family member, friend or coworker as a holiday gift! 
For several years, the Janine Moore “Flowers” calendar has been in my home.  Next year will be no exception. 
I get the 11″ x 14″ calendar with 12 months of pretty, seasonal botanicals.  You need to place each month’s calendar into a clear frame. I bought my frame at a local crafts store.  Frames are also available for purchase with the calendar.  Overall, the 2012 calendar contains lovely images of seasonal flowers – in baskets and buckets and wreaths and vases.  I particularly like the tulips of March and the lilacs of May.  Not too fond of the February “grandmother’s wall paper” image but it’s the shortest month so not a problem. 
The price for the 11″ x 14″ calendar is $28 plus shipping and handling.  I invite you to see for yourself at http://www.artforeveryday.com/

 Two notes: I’m not endorsing this calendar because Janine Moore shares my first name… (although it doesn’t hurt :-)). Her calendar art is beautiful and makes watching the days and weeks go by a pleasure. And I don’t receive anything from this artist or organization for this recommendation.


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