Happy 2012 and Flower Sculptures by Will Ryman

Hello and Happy 2012!
It’s been a busy first two weeks of the year!  I moved into a bright, new office on Marlborough Street and just couldn’t get my act together until now to blog…  Consider me back in action!
Fairchild Botanic Gardens with Red Flowers in BackgroundHere’s a good story…
Just before the holidays, I visited my dear friend Joy near Miami, Florida.  As a special treat, she took me to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. What a wonderful place!  Gorgeous, leafy trees and delicate flowers in bloom.  Wide lawns, curvy paths and a lovely lake.  There are plinking waterfalls found off spongy paths filled with shadows and earthy smells.  Amid all this beauty, there were odd, curvy shapes of red on the land and floating in the lake.   It wasn’t until we came upon a very tall (30 feet) and willowy sculpture of red roses by Will Ryman, that we realized that the red bits were petals “blown off” the enormous roses.  Delightful!  I’d never heard of Will Ryman before but I have become such a fan! Sculpted Red Roses  Take a look at this CBS Sunday Morning segment on Ryman’s installation in New York City’s Park Ave.
Red Roses Up CloseI’m going to advocate with the good people at the Rose Kennedy Greenway to see if a Ryman installation is possible here in Boston next winter.  What a boost to the spirit these roses would bring to Boston during its darkest and dreariest days.  Pictures of the Icon 2011 Yellow Roses by Ryman are below.  The red roses are called Origin 2011.  FYI: All the roses are shaped from fiberglass, stainless steel and marine paint.  Enjoy!Yellow Roses by Will RymanYellow Petals on the Lawn

2 responses to “Happy 2012 and Flower Sculptures by Will Ryman

  1. I see what you were talking about…these flower sculptures are very original! Thanks for sharing.

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