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Final Days to Plant Bulbs for Spring Blooms

Yellow Daffodils SpoutingHello Everyone!
If it’s color you crave during those early Spring days in March and April, then don’t delay.
It’s time to buy those daffodil, tulip, crocus, iris and other bulbs and get them into the ground before it freezes!
Here in Boston the soil is still moist and pliable but we’re fast approach consistent nights of below freezing temperatures.  The best time to plant bulbs is after the first frost.  That is happening soon – if it hasn’t happened already where you are.

So, what bulbs should you choose?  Think about color and texture.  Most bulbs come with a photo or are in a bin with a picture of of the bulb in full bloom. Choose the ones that appeal to you.  Remember, smaller bulbs produce flowers that bloom earlier in the spring, and the  flowers are small, like the crocus.  Larger bulbs, such as tulips, bloom later and produce larger blooms. Make sure the bulbs feel firm,  are clean, and not spotted or moldy.

Be prepared.  Planting bulbs takes time.  I just read about the Bulb Bopper.  It’s a device to help with the planting.  I haven’t used it but, if you’re planting more than 30 bulbs, it might be worth a try.

Begin by digging the hole.  For large bulbs, the norm is eight inches deep and six inches apart.  For smaller bulbs, six inches deep and three inches apart with pointed ends up.  When you buy your bulbs, check with the garden expert to confirm these measures.
Here are easy steps to follow:

  • Dig a hole for the bulb
  • Add fertilizer (MiracleGro or similar)
  • Place the bulb in the hole
  • Replace the soil
  • Add water
  • Cover bulbs with 2 – 3 inches of mulch for protection
  • Check soil every four or five days and water if dry.  Don’t water daily.  This will rot the bulb.

Planting bulbs is usually the final planting activity before winter comes.  It’s the last chance to get your hands in the soil and plant for the new season.
Get out there and do it!  You’ll be glad you did!