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Bottle Trees. Yup, just what you’re thinking…

So I’m reading the Wall Street Journal last Friday.  
After such an up and down business week I needed some guidance.   
In every issue, below the fold on the front page, is a humorous, slice of life story. 
Friday’s headline caught my attention:
Bottle Trees Join Grand Tradition of Pink Flamingos, Garden Gnomes. 
The Blooming Things are Good All Year, If You Like That Sort of Thing.
by Gwendolyn Bounds

The article begins, “It’s the ultimate in low maintenance landscaping: a tree that blooms all year long, needs no water or pruning and never dies.  Sales of man-made “bottle trees” are flourishing among homeowners wanting somthing more interesting in the garden than a birdbath or a garden gnome…”
Apparently, bottle trees are a Southern tradition.  From what I’ve read, placing empty glass bottles in the garden as a way to trap evil spirits is a Southern tradition.  I found a website called and, sure enough, this is a proud Southern company and they have been offering an array of bottle trees for four years.  Who knew.  And Gardeners Supply, one of my favorite companies for all things gardening, is mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article saying “bottle trees made in India are one of its top sellers in garden decor, a category that has been growing 15% annually.”  Who knew again!
I do not recommend putting a bottle tree on a stoop in Boston… think liability.  But it could be an option for a deck or patio.  It could be a fun and vibrant nod to nature when the leaves are off the real trees and the snow starts to fly.  

What do you think?  Bottle trees – garden art or trash?  Comments welcome!