Add a Red Lion to your life!

Need a lift?  Go get yourself a big, showy, pop of color!
I suggest a Red Lion Amaryllis.  I bought one a week ago at Trader Joe’s in the Back Bay for $6.99 (sorry no more left at that location) and have enjoyed watching it grow.   Amaryllis love warm and sunny spots.  It sure helps the spirit to see this red pop of color every day, especially when the temperature is below freezing and there are many inches of snow on the ground…. Just 57 days til spring!


One response to “Add a Red Lion to your life!

  1. Roberta Orlandino

    What a true jewel the ( Red Lion ) Amaryllis ! to watch this powerful flower grow during what can be such a dreary time of year!
    I have watched many of them grow, even observing them grow amazing heights in just a few days. such beauty in just a small pot…

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