Get thee to a flower shop

With yet another snowstorm barrelling its way into the Northeast, the need to see vibrant and colorful flowers and smell sweet floral scents is a necessity! 
Yesterday, my husband and I stopped into Twig on Charles Street in Boston just to look at the flowers and get a quick spring fix.  What a treat!  The smell of hyacinth hit me as I walked in the door.  Ahhh.  Beautiful displays of tulips and hydrangeas and daisies and lilies and carnations.  I was smiling and laughing and giddy with delight! 
And then I learned that the helpful flower clerk had the same name as me!  Janine is not all that common a name so to meet another Janine – and with the same spelling – is just fabulous.  🙂 
 So get yourself to a flower shop and stop and smell the roses, lilies, carnations, hyacinths, whatever gets you through this very white season…  
Another bonus was that I was inspired to began designing my spring garden.  First up is deciding on a new, more permanent garden border for my street-side tree pit. I needed a push to start planning for spring.  Thanks Twig!


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