Meet the Garden Workshop Panelists – Next up, Steve Baxter

Gardening information and inspiration is just five days away!  Come join in the first City Garden Ideas workshop in Boston this Saturday, April 30th.  Details and registration at

Let me introduce Steve Baxter.  He’s one of five expert horticulturalists  presenting gardening advice and tips at  the workshop. 
Steve Baxter is the Grounds Superintendent at the 1000 Southern Artery senior housing complex in Quincy.  In his role, he oversees the beautification and upkeep of 22 acres surrounding three large housing wings.  After 22 years, he knows every inch of the place but it’s the 12 acres of gardens that are his passion and commitment.
Baxter got interested in gardening as a young man.  He attended Stockbridge and then UMASS Amherst, earning his horticulture degree and went on to own his own gardening business, Baxter’s Landscape.  After selling the business and working for a few years with another garden concern, he came to 1000 Southern Artery.     “This place gives me the opportunity to garden without stress and the freedom to experiment with plants,” Baxter says.  “Sometimes things work out 100%, sometimes 70% and sometimes not as all.  That’s gardening.”
At the workshop, Steve will be talking about the importance of soil and tips to choosing good plants at a garden center or nursery.

Next presenter bio up is Heather Heimarck.  She’s the Director of the Landscape Institute at the Boston.


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