Meet the City Garden Workshop Experts – Heather Heimarck

Let me introduce Heather Heimarck.  She’s a bright and talented horticultural expert who will share her knowledge about caring for and gardening around city trees at the April 30th City Garden Ideas Workshop in Boston.  For details about the workshop and to register, go to
Here’s her brief bio:  Heather trained as a sculptor (BFA, University of Michigan) before discovering the interdisciplinary field of landscape architecture (MLA, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University).  
Heather’s professional  work spans from large scale urban planning projects such as the Lower Charles River Basin, campus and institutional work, such as the award-winning Honan Allston Public library, streetscapes, bike lanes and residential design, including some of the first residential and commercial properties to become LEED certified in Massachusetts.  Committed to environmental stewardship and advancing design knowledge, Heather is now the director of The Landscape Institute at Boston Architectural College, formerly the Radcliffe Seminars Landscape Design Program


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