City Gardening Workshop Delivers Information and Inspiration

Hello Everyone:
The City Gardening Workshop last Saturday (4/30/11)  was chock-a-block full of terrific gardening  information and inspiration! 
Some 40 people came to listen and learn about flowers, planting in containers, caring for  urban trees, landscape planning, choosing good plants at garden centers, the importance of soil, knowing your sun and shade exposure, selecting plants that are smart for your location and the need to support local growers. 
There was so much good information shared that it needs several blog installments to do it justice…
But here are some highlights….
• Ellen Abdow, owner of Perennial Gardens, gave a fabulous container garden demonstration.  Loved her description of how to plant a container – You need a “Thriller” – something tall, a “Filler” –  midsized plants to place in the middleground and a “Spiller” – something that drapes over the container.   I’ll never listen to Michael Jackson’s Thriller quite the same again!
• Heather Heimarck from The Landscape Institute at the Boston Architectural Center stressed the need to water and care for urban trees.  And not to mound soil or mulch around the tree trunk like a volcano. That’s bad for the tree. 
• Frank Re, of ReCreations, talked about creating a plot plan to help you determine your planting opportunity and needs.  With a plan, you’ll end up buying and planting what will work in your space.
• Steve Baxter from 1000 Southern Artery in Quincy energetically told us about the importance of good soil and the need to feed the flowers and shrubs for success.  He also showed us how to check flower flats in a garden center before purchasing.  The soil should hold together in the shape of the pot and the roots should not be dense around the soil. 
• Tom Smarr talked about really knowing your sun and shade exposure and how it will help your plant selection and success. 
– Sun is 6 hours or more of direct sunlight (in summer). 
– Part sun is 2 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. 
– Part shade is 1 – 2hours of direct sunlight.
– Light shade is dappled sunlight or shade below open sky.

Stay tuned… More information and video of the event to come!
Happy planting!


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