Enter Boston Garden Contest – Check

Okay folks, it’s official.  This afternoon I sent in the nomination form and several photos of my garden for consideration in Mayor Menino’s Boston Garden Contest.

Now I’ll wait a week or so to hear if my little garden makes the cut and is named one of five  finalists.  If yes, the judges will come to see my perky, street-side garden and give it the once over…
 Garden in Bloom - Purple, pink and white flowers around a maple tree trunk
Regardless of the outcome, I’m very proud of the garden this year.  I chose a new and wide variety of plants with marvelous texture and color.  I adore the Dusty Miller Silverdust I planted at the edges.  And while the Salvia, Amsonia and Silver Mound have all been replaced, they offered lovely blooms for a time – a real treat for the eyes and the soul.  The current garden is abundant shades of purple, white, green and pink.  And all the flowers are healthy – at least today they are.    The hard heat earlier this week killed the African daisies and the purple astilbe.   So I had to replace them with white dahlias (don’t you just love saying that word – Daaaahlias, darling)  and a Lantana plant that has a lovely flower that looks like a wedding bouquet. 

Fingers are crossed that I’ll be a finalist.  Thanks for all the encouragement.   I’ll keep you posted! 
Enjoy these wonderful  summer days and don’t forget to water your flowers!


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