Dahlia Thief in Boston

Yes, it’s true. My garden now has five holes where lovely, white dahlias once were Street side garden with white dahlias in the front rowplanted.  Sigh… Sometime during Wednesday night, someone pulled the plants out and took them away.  Guess they wanted them for their own garden.  Just hope they are being well tended wherever they are…  Here’s a picture of my garden when the dahlias were in the front row.
FYI: Haven’t heard yet from the people in charge of the Mayor’s garden contest. 
If I’m a finalist, I’ll have to do some speedy replanting! Finally, it remains hot (no kidding) so give the flowers, shrubs and trees an extra watering if you can!


One response to “Dahlia Thief in Boston

  1. So sorry! Are you sure it wasn’t a squirrel? Hate to think that a human being was responsible for such a low-down act!

    Congrats on the nomination. You deserve it!

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