Garden in Bloom!

Janine's Street Side Tree Garden - Impatiens, Black Eyed Susans, Lantana, Dahlias, Silverdust and more!Just had to share the
latest photos of
my street-side garden. 
The flowers are  blooming their little hearts out!
Just look at the colors –
purples, pinks, yellows! 
After a tough start, these plants are loving the rain and humidity of August. 

I’m especially happy with the rose-colored dahlias, the black- eyed Garden abloom with silverdust, dahlias, impatiens, black eyed Susans, Lantana and more!Susans (rudbeckia) and the Superbells Lavender (calibrachea hybrid).  
The Lantana is also a wonderful surprise.  This tall flower, in the back corner, starts as berry clusters and blooms into beautiful little bouquets of color. 
And the Silverdust aka Dusty Miller is a great anchor plant for the front edges.  They have thrived amid dogs and people.

As beautiful as my little garden is, it did not take any honors in this year’s Mayor Menino Garden Contest.  I Garden View with Silverdust, Black-Eyed Susans, Dahlias, Lantana and moream looking forward to entering again next summer.   My neighbor commented that the Contest judges seem to like height in a garden.  Hmm.  Next year I’m going to find taller, lusher and more colorful flowers to plant.  What a great winter project… But that is a long way off…  
Enjoy these wonderful August days and  remember to water the plants!


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