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Rose of Sharon – A Late Summer Bloomer

Rose of Sharon blooms through a wooden fenceRose of Sharon in 'SconsetIt’s early September and so many of the bright spring and summer flowers have faded into memory. 
Thank heaven for the Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus).  This hearty shrub offers late summer color.  Blooms can be pink, purple, white, blue, red, even lavender, depending on the variety.  If your garden space has lost its color pizzazz by mid-August, consider planting a Rose of Sharon this fall or next spring.  The shrub is easy to grow and low maintenance.  Best of all, it will provide great color and texture in the waning days of summer.


Daffodils in Bloom on Nantucket

It’s Feb. 26th and there are daffodils blooming on several rotaries on Nantucket!  This winter is truly bizarre.  Now Nantucket is known for its Daffodil Weekend but that is two months away!
As I rode from Nantucket Center to the Surfside Road, I had to do a double take.  Yes, there were about a dozen perky yellow blooms standing strong against that crazy wind…  Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop the car photograph them.  If any reader is on Nantucket, can you send a photo?  Many thanks.
And Daffodil Weekend is April 27 -29, 2012.  For more info, go to http://www.nantucketchamber.org/enjoy/daffodil_festival_weekend.aspx